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Dearest comedy fans,

As you know there is one thing we love more than comedy and that’s you guys & girls, our audience. To keep you all from getting infected and becoming zombies (yes, our only medical experience comes from the movies) we are cancelling our March show.

Yes, we know alcohol disinfects and laughter heals almost everything alas, it’s a firm NO! We won’t allow you in, ok we’ll miss you too, but we really need you to stay safe and healthy for the next show.

Lots of love
The comedy team.
(Els, Lex & Sven)


The Comedy Brussels/RITCS café is a London style Stand-up Comedy club with a great line-up of international comedians. We guarantee you an awesome night by carefully booking the best club comics, new promising acts and experienced comedians combined with a constantly changing roster of the finest special beers Belgium has to offer.  

Shows start at 20h and fill up quick so it is best to get your ticket in advance by sending us an e-mail or using our ticketing page.  For the spur of the moment people we always keep some tickets at the door because we love you… just come early.

So come and check out the best comedy club in Brussels!


The Comedyteam


All events are on our facebook page.

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