English Comedy at RITCS Café: Junior Simpson / Yuriko Kotani / Jeroen Leenders

Winter is coming!

What better way to fight the cold than with warm vibes of laughter and one of those famous Belgian Christmas beers. For the last show of the year we are proud to  once again present you a fantastic line-up of international comedians. Get your tickets if you want to join on tuesday December 19 for a fun night out and some of the best beers Belgium has to offer.

Junior Simpson (UK):
With his infectious energy and huge stage presence, it is easy to see why Junior Simpson is a circuit favourite. Simpson has a boundless joy and exuberance that has audiences hooked with hilarity. Junior Simpson is also in great demand internationally performing as far afield as South Africa and Australia so we are very lucky to get him over to Brussels.

“Watch that Man!” The Guardian ★★★★  “His material is excellent”  Daily Mail ★★★★
Tv: Never mind the buzzcocks / Top Gear / Death in paradise / Comedy store / Love Actually

Yuriko Kotani (JP):
Kotani began performing stand-up in 2014. She was named as “One To Watch” by Time Out in 2015. She went on to become first runner up in So You Think You’re Funny 2015, won Brighton Comedy Festival Squawker Award 2015, won the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2015, 3rd place in Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year 2015, and was nominated for Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2016.

“leftfield rising star”  Time Out
Tv: Kotani appeared on series 2 of Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central.

Jeroen Leenders (BE):
Jeroen is one of our favorite Belgian comedians, winning awards and selling out theaters. This year he joined our own Nigel Williams for a run at the Edinburgh fringe and succeeded in a near impossible feat, he charmed the Scots!

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Free student tickets

stuvocheque png.png

Are you a student? Did you know you could get in for FREE?

We know this sounds like clickbait but we actually accept STUVO-cheques as payment! (you can even bring a date)

Hoeveel kost het? Niets! Want de Erasmushogeschool Brussel vindt het belangrijk dat je Brussel leert kennen en daarom stellen we de cheque gratis ter beschikking.

How and what now?

Stap 1: Vraag je cheque hier aan.

Stap 2: Je ontvangt je cheque in je brievenbus thuis of op kot.

Stap 3: Ga met je cheque én je studentenkaart voor 31/12/2017 naar één van de partners* en ruil hem gratis in voor €10 korting.

Stap 4: Geniet van je korting, maak een leuke foto, stuur hem naar stuvo@ehb.be(link stuurt een e-mail) en maak kans op fantastische prijzen!

Let op: er wordt maar een beperkt aantal Stuvocheques voorzien, wees er dus op tijd bij want op=op.


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Ahir Shah: Control

★★★★☆ Packed room for politically passionate show about what freedom really means

‘Make yourselves comfortable’, says Ahir Shah, with a sarcastic emphasis on the adjective, as he beckons another two dozen punters into an already packed Cabaret Voltaire. To call it a tight squeeze would be putting it mildly, but what Shah lacks in stern queue-management skills (and concern for health and safety regulations), he makes up for with a sharp and passionate show about today’s political climate.

Control is an hour of quick-witted comedy that takes on a new layer of poignancy a few hours after Shah comes off stage, with the actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville. He questions what ‘taking back control’ really means. Is it fantasised nostalgia? Is it a smokescreen for racism? Is it in any way a proclamation of substance?

Shah’s intellect never comes at the expense of humour. His routine about colonisation contains a great gag about cartographical oddities, he launches an hilariously exasperated attack on Liam Fox’s attempts to airbrush centuries of British history, and, for the sake of balance, he offers a pop at ‘your absolute boy’ Jeremy Corbyn.

Control concludes that we’ve seen it all before. The rise of Trump and the like is akin to hearing a bad cover version of a song that was horrendous the last time round. This is a terrific hour of comedy. No wonder everybody’s desperate to get a seat.

Source: Ahir Shah: Control

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Nov 21 English Comedy At RITCS Café: Ahir Shah

We were honored by the massive amount of positive feedback after our last show. So this month we tried even harder to make a great line-up. We have booked two of the best acts we encountered at the Edinburgh fringe. Even the official judges agree with us by nominating our headliner for ‘Best show at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe’. Prepare for another great night!

Ahir Shah (UK):
Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee for Best Show, Ahir Shah explores the current global turmoil in a show about freedom, fascism, history, hope, and resistance. Ahir is a brilliant political observationalist and, being in the heart of Brussels, will certainly not spare you his views on brexit or even Trump for that matter.  Expect a sledgehammer of sharp jokes!

“Fiendishly clever and furious” One of his generation’s most eloquent comic voices”

★★★★ The Sunday Times ★★★★ The Scotsman  ★★★★ The Times  ★★★★ The guardian  ★★★★ The Daily Telegraph ★★★★ The List

Danny Ward (UK):
Danny always brings thoroughly entertaining show packed with lots of laughter, great stories and funny material. he won the prestigious Amused Moose People’s Award at the Edinburgh Festival and is a fan favorite on the UK comedy circuit.
Danny Ward’s observational humour is brilliantly delivered”

Huy Doan (VN):
And the award for “furthest comedian” goes to Huy Doan. From the comedy clubs in Hanoi and Saigon to Brussels he is this month’s opener.

Don’t hesitate to order your tickets if you want to join for special beers and great comedy as we were sold out last  month.

As usual you can book tickets through the website http://www.comedybrussels.com or by mailing us: standuprits@gmail.com Presale: 12 €, at the door 15€, students 5€ RITCS café – Dansaertstraat 70 – Tuesday november 21 – Start 20h 

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Steven guides you to the best beers of brussels. (some are already available for the Oct24 show)

Comedy and Special Brussels beers go hand in hand. Discover which beers RITCS barman Steven reccomends to pair with a good joke.

1. Cantillon 
Info: www.cantillon.be
Go for: Cantillon lambik, geuze en kriek

2. De La Senne 
Info: www.brasseriedelasenne.be
Go for: Zinnebir, Taras Boulba, Jambe de Bois, Stouterik, …

3. Beer Project
Info: www.beerproject.be
Go for: Delta, Dark Sister, Grosse Bertha, … pop-up beers & prototypes

4. En Stoemelings 
Info: www.enstoemelings.be
Go for: Curieuse Neus, Chike Madame, …

5. No Science
Info: www.noscience.be
Go for: Noisy Pale Ale, Psycho Table Beer, Heavy Porter

6. Beerstorming 
Info: www.beerstorming.net

7. L’Ermitage 
Info: www.ermitagenanobrasserie.be
Go For: Lanterne.




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Oct 24: English Comedy At RITCS Café – Adam Bloom

No automatic alt text available.

We’re back for a brand new season! 

During the summer holidays we went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and saw some extraordinary, outrageous, innovating and,most importantly, hilarious comedians.
So get ready for our ‘Pick of the Fringe’, brought to you exclusively at Rits Café. Add to that comedians from the international circuit and you have the perfect formula for a good night out!

This is what we got in store for October:

Adam Bloom
from Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC2) and Mock The Week (BBC2) is one of Britain’s most inventive and sought after comedians and an a multi-award winning gag teller. He’s performed numerous sell-out solo shows all around the world including prestigious festivals in Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In addition Adam’s been asked to play the prestigious ‘Just For Laughs’ Festival in Montreal an impressive five times!

He also counts Ricky Gervais amongst his fans who says: ““Adam’s been one of my favourite stand-ups for about ten years- brilliant lines and an intense, fragile honesty”.

Stefan Danziger
was born in the GDR grew up in the Soviet Union and is one of Berlin’s best comedians. Expect quick witted observational humor about cultural contradictions and absurdities of everyday life.

Onno Lolkema 
was a finalist in the “Humo’s comedy cup” and is our first “open spot” for the season.

get tickets by e-mailing or on www.comedybrussels.com


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Ricky Gervais favourite Adam Bloom: ‘It’s beautiful being a comic’s comedian’

Adam is our headliner for our season opening on October 24

You’ve been called a comic’s comic… what do you think of that label?

I love it. It only has negative aspects if you’re the type of comedian who is only appreciated by other comedians and, even then, it’s a beautiful thing. I really like hearing comedians like what I do because they’re the people who truly know comedy. If TV producers knew anything about comedy, they’d still be doing it.

Ricky Gervais has called you his favourite comedian, what does that mean to you?

You can boast about it on posters. Ricky Gervais once gave Stewart Lee pretty much the best quote possible and Stuart said to me that it was selling more tickets for his live shows than all Stewart’s TV work put together.

Source: Ricky Gervais favourite Adam Bloom: ‘It’s beautiful being a comic’s comedian’

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showdates for 2018-19 are: OCT 16 / NOV 20 / DEC 18 / FEB 19 / MAR 19 / APR 30 / MAY 21

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Edingburg Fringe 2017

201r_Fringe-logo-withdate_No Year_source
Each year in August the population of Edinburgh quadruples, the hotel prices skyrocket and you can count yourself lucky if you can find a decent priced meal or a beer. And yet, if you love stand-up comedy, there is no better place to be. Each August the best stand up comedians gather in Edinburgh and play their new show every day for a whole month.  We wouldn’t be the great comedyteam you know us to be if we didn’t set up camp in Edinburgh, so we spent a week in Scotland’s capital.

DIY Comedy
During the fringe every backroom is turned into something that resembles a comedyclub. Comedians take on the role of sound engineer, lighttech and flyerer for their own show. At the end of their set they wait by the door with a bucket hoping that, if you liked the show,  you throw in some cash.  It’s a hectic 30 day marathon which results in fun times and a bunch of comedyzombies wandering the hills of Edinburgh by the end of August.

A lot of comedy
We checked out about 50+ comedians during our stay. Some of them well known to the RITCS stage getting great reviews. Tim Renkow killed it at the Monkey Barrel club, Matt Price Ruled Cabaret Voltaire And Phil Nichol got the first five star review of the fringe.  We even got a chance to meet Scotland’s best and biggest comedian Danny Bhoy, joking our little club would be a welcome change for the big stadium shows he usually does.

Come to Brussels
It’s safe to say we’ve spotted/booked a few great comedians for Brussels. Who they are? We’ll keep that a secret but their reviews earned enough stars to blind you, we even got a ‘best show at the fringe’ nominee among them.

We couldn’t leave without a little joke ourselves
Since our Belgian beers are  considered a world heritage by Unesco and scottish food and beer isn’t we’ve devised a cunning but friendly way of telling the Scots.

The about 80 posters were plastered all over Edinburgh and caused a bit of a controversy. Mainly scottish comedians offering us a dram of whisky with the message “can you do better than that !?!”…. Touché!

Jokes we liked:
Robert Garnham
Insomnia is awful. But on the plus side – only three more sleeps till Christmas.
John-Luke Roberts: How did the Village People meet? They obviously led such different lives.
Markus Birdman: Waiter waiter, do you have frogs legs? No, I was born with a congenital spinal condition. But since this government have cut disability allowance, I’ve been forced back into work.
Phil Nichol: Elton John hates talking about Indian clothing. Sari seems to be the hardest word.
Lee Nelson: A lot of older people wonder if there will be life after death. There is, of course – it just won’t involve them.

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May 16: English Comedy At RITCS Café: Dave Fulton / Anil Desai

No automatic alt text available.

One more comedy night before the summer break and we are going out with a bang!
We are very proud to host a true comedy genius, Dave Fulton and a Master impressionist, Anil Desai. May 16 is going to be a brilliant show! Get your tickets by mailing standuprits@gmail.com

Dave Fulton (US):
Dave Fulton is opinionated, isn’t afraid to pull punches in his observations, toured with Mitch Hedberg, is a regular at all the big clubs and forced the BBC to issue a formal nationwide apology after appearing on tv. This American comedian has tonnes of comedy experience, a bunch of tv credits and some great stories about the stuff that matters in life… like guns, drugs and motorcycles.

Anil Desai (UK):
Since performing his record-breaking ‘52 impressions in 5 minutes’ Anil Desai has been touring the world with his unique brand of feel good, energetic, stand-up comedy. His shows are based on his real life stories, experiences and observations – at times dry, occasionally sarcastic, but with genuine honesty and an optimistic wisdom.

Jarno Boone:
The honour of last ‘Talent Spot’ of the season goes to Jarno

See you Tuesday May 16

The Comedyteam 

Source: English Comedy At RITCS Café: Dave Fulton / Anil Desai

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