Edingburg Fringe 2017

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Each year in August the population of Edinburgh quadruples, the hotel prices skyrocket and you can count yourself lucky if you can find a decent priced meal or a beer. And yet, if you love stand-up comedy, there is no better place to be. Each August the best stand up comedians gather in Edinburgh and play their new show every day for a whole month.  We wouldn’t be the great comedyteam you know us to be if we didn’t set up camp in Edinburgh, so we spent a week in Scotland’s capital.

DIY Comedy
During the fringe every backroom is turned into something that resembles a comedyclub. Comedians take on the role of sound engineer, lighttech and flyerer for their own show. At the end of their set they wait by the door with a bucket hoping that, if you liked the show,  you throw in some cash.  It’s a hectic 30 day marathon which results in fun times and a bunch of comedyzombies wandering the hills of Edinburgh by the end of August.

A lot of comedy
We checked out about 50+ comedians during our stay. Some of them well known to the RITCS stage getting great reviews. Tim Renkow killed it at the Monkey Barrel club, Matt Price Ruled Cabaret Voltaire And Phil Nichol got the first five star review of the fringe.  We even got a chance to meet Scotland’s best and biggest comedian Danny Bhoy, joking our little club would be a welcome change for the big stadium shows he usually does.

Come to Brussels
It’s safe to say we’ve spotted/booked a few great comedians for Brussels. Who they are? We’ll keep that a secret but their reviews earned enough stars to blind you, we even got a ‘best show at the fringe’ nominee among them.

We couldn’t leave without a little joke ourselves
Since our Belgian beers are  considered a world heritage by Unesco and scottish food and beer isn’t we’ve devised a cunning but friendly way of telling the Scots.

The about 80 posters were plastered all over Edinburgh and caused a bit of a controversy. Mainly scottish comedians offering us a dram of whisky with the message “can you do better than that !?!”…. Touché!

Jokes we liked:
Robert Garnham
Insomnia is awful. But on the plus side – only three more sleeps till Christmas.
John-Luke Roberts: How did the Village People meet? They obviously led such different lives.
Markus Birdman: Waiter waiter, do you have frogs legs? No, I was born with a congenital spinal condition. But since this government have cut disability allowance, I’ve been forced back into work.
Phil Nichol: Elton John hates talking about Indian clothing. Sari seems to be the hardest word.
Lee Nelson: A lot of older people wonder if there will be life after death. There is, of course – it just won’t involve them.

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